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Pushing Limits

Pushing Limits: From West Point to Berkeley and Beyond. To be published by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) and the American Mathematical Society (AMS), April 2017.

An Introduction to Benford's Law (in collaboration with A. Berger). Princeton University Press, May 2015. For Amazon link, click here.

Benford Online Bibliography (www.benfordonline.net) - a free searchable online bibliographic database on Benford's Law (in collaboration with A. Berger).

An Introduction to Benford's Law

2016-2017 Travel & Talks

Recent Publications

  • A Theory for Gender Differences in Variability (with S. Tabachnikov), math arXiv:1703.04184 [q-bio.PE] posted on March 12 (2017).
  • What is ... Benford's Law? (with A. Berger), Notices of the AMS 64(2), pp. 132-134 (2017).
  • Hubble's Law Implies Benford's Law for Distances to Galaxies (with R. Fox), Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy 37(1), pp. 1-8 (2016).
  • Benford's Law: A curious statistical phenomenon that keeps getting curiouser, Princeton University Press Blog,Oct 6 (2015).
  • An Introduction to Benford's Law (with A. Berger), Princeton University Press, May (2015).
  • Benford's Law, in The Princeton Companion to Applied Mathematics, ed. N. J. Higham, Princeton University Press, pp. 135-136 (2015).
  • A Short Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of Benford's Law (with A. Berger), in Benford's Law - Theory and Applications, ed. S. J. Miller, Princeton University Press, pp. 23-55 (2015).
  • Fundamental Problems in Metrology: Is there an objective need for an urgent redefinition of the kilogram and mole? (with V.V. Khruschov), Measurement Techniques, Vol. 56(7):747-752, October (2013). [PDF]
    (For original Russian version, see [PDF].)
  • The Kilogram Cabal, The Chronicle of Higher Education July 2 (2012). [CHE] For contact info about the kilogram redefinition, click here.
  • Bayesian posteriors without Bayes' Theorem (with M. Dall' Aglio) (2012). [ARXIV-PDF]
  • Gender Gaps in Science: The Creativity Factor (with E. Rogers), The Mathematical Intelligencer 34(2):19-26 (2012). [SPRINGER-PDF] [ARXIV-PDF]
  • For Women to Think Mathematically, Colleges Should Think Creatively (with E. Rogers), The Chronicle of Higher Education 58 (33):A25 April 20 (2012). [PDF]
  • From the current "kilogram problem" to a proposed definition (with A. Censullo and J. Miller), Chemistry International 33(5), September-October (2011). [PDF]
  • A basic theory of Benford's Law (with A. Berger), Probability Surveys 8:1-126 (2011). [PDF]
  • Unresolved concerns about the "new SI" (with J. Miller and A. Censullo), Accreditation and Quality Assurance 16(12):657-658 (2011). [SPRINGER-PDF]
  • Criticisms of the proposed "New SI". Accreditation and Quality Assurance 16 (8-9):471-472 (2011). [PDF]
  • How to combine independent data sets for the same quantity (with J. Miller), Chaos 21(3) (2011). [CHAOS-PDF] [ARXIV-PDF]
  • A Stronger Conclusion to the Classical Ham Sandwich Theorem (with J.H. Elton), European Journal of Combinatorics 32:657-661 (2011). [PDF]
  • Benford's Law Blunders, Letter to the Editor, The American Statistician 65(2):141, 2011. [PDF]
  • Towards a Better Definition of the Kilogram (with J. Miller and A. Censullo), Metrologia 48:83-86 (2011). [PDF]
  • Benford's Law Strikes Back: No Simple Explanation in Sight for Mathematical Gem (with A. Berger), The Mathematical Intelligencer 33(1):85-91 (2011). [PDF]
  • Conflations of Probability Distributions, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 363(6):3351-3372 June (2011). [PDF] [ARXIV-PDF]
  • Finite-state Markov Chains obey Benford's Law (with B. Kaynar, A. Berger, and A. Ridder), SIAM J. Matrix. Anal. Appl. 32(3):665-684 (2011). [PDF]

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